Tell Me

Love my words, hate my words.

Tell me what resonates

in your mind, in your gut,

anywhere -- just do not

let me drown, ignorant.

Tell me what moment brushed

nerve or bone? heart of stone?

heard my voice? felt my touch?

anytime -- just do not

silence truth when she calls.

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Meter is perfect and i love these lines especially!

Tell me what moment brushed

nerve or bone?

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Here’s one I just wrote. Hopefully it’s not to far off.

Cry the tears cry aloud cry again

Daily dose just a tad cry alone

In the end wash the eyes, cleanse the soul

Sit at ease make a room full of joy

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thanks! the meter is spot on::)

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I know a challenge when I hear one. Challenge accepted. game on!

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Feb 25·edited Feb 26Liked by Annie Finch

Here I go again


Witch I would Breath of air

Passion draws

Spells exhale If I could

Circle pulls Magic is there

Lone wolf trots Freedom rules

Words will count

Earth’s magic Shared by stars

Power declined A fools choice

But I rejoice

Fear of word Once I scribed

Mage replied

Time too fast Dances past

Quill’s point drawn Finds your flame

Break man’s hold

Wind wends words Full moon frees

Connects all

if you still…Believe

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thank you Donna! You nailed the meter. Would be fun to see a revision in longer lines...

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Feb 25·edited Feb 26

I had breaks now every 3 lines

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you should be able to edit using the 3 dots :)

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Annie Finch

Vultures nest near the dusk

Rising down under spark

Of the moon

Who can rest in the musk

Here in town of the dark

Rusttling tune

Wings in west take the tusk

Wear the gown, strip the bark

Time is soon

Let the pest hide the husk

Turn the frown, like the lark

Sweet the swoon

Mary Meriam

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great ending! Thank you Mary:)

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The title is your name, also cretin :) Typo in rustling. Thanks for the challenge!

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Cretic I meant! sorry

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I think this was a fruitful challenge for me, Annie. Thank you! I didn’t even read the post before I knew I needed to write a cretic and what about. It's the only meter or metrical pattern from your anthology in which I’d not yet written. Even though I’ve made tons of revisions, I’m not used to sharing work this new. So I’ll give it a little more time, but I will send it.

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I wrote this in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep for worrying about the innocent people caught in war:

Evil men bringing war

Raining down like a storm

Fight or flight, wrong or right

Hell on earth, bombs that burst

Not the last, not the first

Tanks and bombs, guns and drones

Watch it all on our phones

Empty mouths, send them south

Watch them flee, watch them run

Back and forth, now go north

Evil men bringing war

Raining down like a storm

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thank you Nancy! i hope and trust it was cathartic, it feels like the beginning of a deep-felt spell.

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Ooh I’d like to know more about how to finish it off! Maybe the women take over 💕

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Wheel of Life

Pouring rain, thunder claps, redwoods snap

Dangers abound, howling wind, weeping willow

Nature sings winter songs, rock and roll

Dams, they rock, waters roll, streets all flood

Lucky us, Spring is near, Sun will shine

Trees will sprout fresh new leaves waving in glee

Every bloom spurs the next, wheel of life

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It's not consistently in cretics, but this poem by Ted Berrigan makes good use of it as a recurring free verse foot https://writing.upenn.edu/epc/authors/berrigan/10things.html

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yes of course! what a gem!

love it Jer(emy)! thanks so much :)

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Here's a poem I tried for this challenge. Not brilliant but a try (and yes, I did steal a couple of phrases from wherever):

Rules for Life

Walk the walk

Talk the talk

Sing the song

Never, ever walk away

Right the wrongs

Live the day

Hear the tunes

Never, ever, walk away

Play your part

Give your heart

Slip the noose


Never, ever walk away.

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Every night past the veil,

Sight compound, sight reveal

Dark in dreams, language vast,

Beyond mind, whirling past,

Magic rite, sacred rhyme

Endless march, cosmos, time,

Never stops once begun,

Goddess speaks, world undone,

In the scales, planets hang,

Feel it now, something changed,

Known unknown, within me,

Higher now, freer, free!

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Mar 8·edited Mar 8

Never came back to sleep, up and left,

I still think could it be different,

Here in bed, if she was next to me—

Try forgetting, no it’s true I’m alone,

Chanting sad out to her. She just left,

Left our kid with no mom, just a dad.

Hard to say, why still care? Try to not,

I still do. Ramble in hopeless dreams

(She’d still come back to us), time to move

On and start over new, start my life

Raise my kid, quit the drugs, write a poem:

Lend the ear, shadow hear chants of life,

Come inspirit flesh to become what you are,

Vast and strange worlds erupt from the past,

Never claiming what’s been lost, infinite sadness.

Terrible cost, bitter ends, new beginning,

Now to rise from the ash of the former.

Hawk of fire.

Time to grow, time to heal, you’ll recover Braver now for it all. Find a form

To express, ways you feel, Chant, exist,

You are free, heal the wounds by a song.

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Not sure if this is right but your poem made me remember this song I heard long ago in my childhood


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thank you Sarah! I know this song well since it is beloved by many witches. How wonderfulthat you heard it in childhood. The rhythm is amphibrachic, you have made me realize--the close sister of Cretics. Thanks again, Annie

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